Media Relations, Communications, Transformation & Special Events Leader

Innovative. Energetic. Confident. Proactive.

Experienced public relations and marketing leader with demonstrated success in areas such as strategic communications, comprehensive public information, media relations, special events, volunteers, organizational development, board relations, leadership training, executive consulting, crisis management, transformational growth, partnerships, constituency relations and brand management.


Golden Halo Productions - Houston, TX, Miami, FL        
Executive, Business Coaching and Publishing Company

  • Coach and motivational speaker with a national clientele.
  • Coach Fortune 100 corporate executives and established entrepreneurs as well as business teams to maximize their management/leadership skills and grow their business while creating and living their vision.
  • Advise clients on how to quickly identify obstacles to success, breakthrough them, and achieve new levels in their career, performance, self-confidence, and personal power, including increasing profit by 33% in one year.
  • Authored and produced business and self-help books, CD's DVD's, video and audio tapes and CD series.
  • Publish articles in national, statewide, and local business, self-help and art periodicals.
  • Produced and hosted five weekly broadcast and Internet radio shows, including “The Success Tip of the Week” and “Synchronicity.”
  • Guest speaker on national and Internet radio talk shows on coaching and success topics.
  • Produce and publish highly acclaimed, award-winning business and self-help books, DVD's and CD's.
  • Coordinate the copyediting, narration, audio and video editing, and all aspects of the art design.
  • Negotiate distribution agreements and secured distribution outlets.
  • Coordinate marketing and advertising  communications-traditional and Internet-to create a buzz and find the target clientele.

University of Miami - Coral Gables, FL                                                         
  • Developed curricula and taught intensive courses for the Department of Professional Development and Training: Emerging Manager Certification and Career Coaching Seminar. 

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER/CONSULTANT             January 2000 – May 2000, November 2000 – January 2001
Great Ideas Company - Houston, TX                                             
Business Consulting Firm

  • Developed and implemented programs to accelerate the best opportunities for rapid growth for companies in energy and healthcare industries. Clients included the world’s second largest supplier of natural gas and a national oil company.
  • Advised and coached Presidents of large and small corporations to eliminate conflict, expand their vision, and communicate it effectively to partners, associates, and staff.
  • Helped clients increase revenue and recover $10 million in lost revenue by training the marketing team, increasing market share, launching new products and services expeditiously as well as identifying methods to measure the value of product/service to their customers.
  • Hired and supervised teams of researchers, business plan developers, industry experts, copywriters, and editors to evaluate the commercialization of innovative and/or underperforming business models to help the organization identify and retain good clients.
  • Conducted research amongst community leaders, executives, physicians, and entrepreneurs to identify what their clients, their biggest customers, and their community wanted and needed to facilitate their future growth.

ASSOCIATE SUPERINTENDENT,                                    August 1991 – July 1992 
Houston Independent School District - Houston, TX

  • Served as Chief of Staff to the Superintendent of Schools for the nation’s fifth largest public school system managing a staff of 98 people across five divisions--including volunteers (over 20,000), media relations and public relations, Board relations, printing facilities, mailroom and call center-- and fiscally responsible for managing a $10 million operating budget.
  • Assisted the Superintendent in the development of proposed district policy positions.
  • Planned, implemented, and oversaw communications regarding the school district’s policies and operations. Served as school district’s chief spokesperson.
  • Chaired various district-wide functions and major events that resulted in collaboration, support and funding from board members, teachers union, corporations, government, higher education, and community for new initiatives, including Strategic Planning Retreat; Restructuring Initiatives, Schools of Excellence Convention; Partnerships Task Force.
  • Assisted the Superintendent in the planning and implementation of administrative responsibilities within the Office of the Superintendent.
  • Assisted the Superintendent and coordinated with other senior staff members in the preparation of agendas for Senior Staff and the Board of Education meetings.
  • Acted as Superintendent’s administrative liaison to local, regional and national public groups, including: parents, local businesses, community-based providers, government, and institutions of higher learning, directing an effective and proactive approach to school district partnerships. Efforts resulted in raising over $10 million for the school district through public and private partnerships.
  • Consulted and advised appropriate district and school staff on matters related to school district’s communications and information dissemination.

DIRECTOR, MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS                      July 1988 – July 1991
Bureau Of Professionalization - Dade County Public Schools - Miami, FL          

  • Facilitated overall media and public relations, administration, and implementation of the nation’s fourth largest public school district’s educational restructuring efforts, resulting in unprecedented worldwide media coverage, visitations from national and international educational, corporate and government leaders, more than 15 new public-private business partnerships and passage and acceptance by school board and union members for new initiatives.
  • Spearheaded news conferences, Q&As and special events to deliver major announcements and received media as well as internal and external community support, including during crisis and change situations.
  • Developed from conception to implementation strategic communications campaign for new restructuring initiatives, including creating new publications, press releases, press conferences, designing and hosting meetings for 100s of visiting dignitaries and special events and major, multi-day conferences receiving teacher union members ratification and community support. Worked closely with collective bargaining members; school board members; district and school-based management; business partners; worldwide media; political, educational, and community leaders.
  • Negotiated, prepared, implemented, interpreted and maintained provisions of over 300 new contract agreements for various professionalization initiatives, including School-Based Management/Shared Decision-Making (SBM/SDM), Satellite Learning Centers, Saturn School Project and Dade Academy for the Teaching Arts (DATA).
  • Chaired, planned and developed joint DCPS/UTD collective bargaining and legislative professionalization proposals and strategies for inclusion in District Strategic Plan.
  • Assisted in preparation of agendas and reports for all management-collective bargaining professionalization related meetings.
  • Prepared speeches for Superintendent of Schools and Board Members.

SUPERVISOR, NEWS AND MEDIA RELATIONS           February 1986 – June 1988
Bureau of Professionalization and District Management - Dade County Public Schools - Miami, FL

  • Managed a 13-person award-winning staff responsible for the School District’s comprehensive communications and media relations functions, including special publications and videos, annual reports, school board meeting reports, press releases, radio and TV PSAs.
  • Transformed media relations presence to a trusted, friendly, helpful resource with editors, reporters, senior staff and others.
  • Spearheaded news conferences, Q&As and other events to deliver major announcements and received media support, including during crisis situations, like asbestos in high school and bond referendums.
  • Advised, trained, and assisted school-site, region, and district administrators and board members in working with the media.

Southridge Senior High School - Cutler Ridge, FL     August 1976 – January 1986
North Miami Beach Senior High School - North Miami Beach, FLSeptember 1972 - August 1976

  • Selected by principal to serve as member of initial faculty for two brand new high schools, setting the standards for curriculum and new student publications which became national and state award winners.
  • Taught tenth, eleventh, and twelfth-grade English while serving as teacher and faculty advisor for the first ever school newspaper and yearbook. Assisted students with college entrance exam preparation.
  • Developed the School District’s official Student Publication Guidelines, which are still in effect.
  • Taught literature, filmmaking, composition, vocabulary, critical thinking, and television production in differentiated staffing project.
  • Alternative leader of Human Resources Cadre.
  • Sponsored Class of 1973 and Class of 1977 and organized the first film festival. Awarded Inter Club Council’s “Outstanding Sponsor of the Year.”

"High energy that gets positive results...that's Lynn Marks. She is one of the most productive, supportive and efficient individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. And, I should know. I've been her immediate supervisor three separate times during her career. From managing media relations to serving as my communications liaison on behalf of the superintendent and the School Board to strategic oversight of  partnerships and community-wide special events, Lynn is a trusted senior manager who delivers superior results every time."
--Dr. Frank R. Petruzielo
Superintendent of Schools
Cherokee County School District